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2 types of cable lock designed for sharing bike system solution


  • Standard Equipment

* Type 1. Additional electronic cable lock for a sharing bike, a solution for bike double safety, activated by the smart lock/IoT

This is additional electronic cable lock is activated by the smart lock/IoT. The standard set is when renter unlock the bikes, both smart lock and cable lock will be unlocked.

Application 1 - With this additional lock, you can use it to temporarily stop the sharing bikes anywhere you like, with double safety (bike to be locked by both smart lock and electronic cable lock, which allow the bikes is tied to a post or tree nearby);

Application 2 - You can make the parking station with one end of the cable. i.e. one end of the cable can be fixed at a dock. And when another end plug in the cable lock equipped to the bike, the renter can lock the bike  to make the bike return.



* Type 2. Additional manual cable lock for a sharing bike, a solution for bike safety

In order to reduce the accident that sharing bicycles have been moved unreasonably in some areas, we have developed a solution to add an additional manual cable to a sharing bicycle. During the locking process, the cable lock can be tied around to a firm column-shaped object, for example, trees, electricity pole and etc. This cable can be hidden in the bike during use, as shown in the pictures below.

Sharing helmet together with the bike - with this additional cable lock, it is also possible to solve the problems a customer can rent a helmet together with the sharing bicycle. When the customer rents a sharing bike, the bike lock is opened, and the helmet can be taken off the steel cable for use; when this bike is returned, the bike can be locked with this additional steel cable, and the helmet is also locked with the steel cable, as shown in the pictures below.

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