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  • Standard Equipment

For the normal bicycle share bike and electric sharing bikes, we have applied all the solutions to make the bikes are suitable for sharing business. We have ability to provide you different kinds of rental bike model, normal or electric one, which are all in very reliable quality.

Our bikes have the following strengths:

1. Enough battery capacity
For electric sharing bikes, if needed, we can equip high capacity battery, with long range for riding bikes. Since you have to assign somebody to exchange the batteries when the battery is going empty, Therefore, the service work will be less with higher capacity battery equipped. We are in a position to supply the charging station, you can easily charge 6-12pcs batteries together in this station. So the charging work is very efficient and then, you pay less labor work.

2. Anti-thief solution
In the bike, you have applied special mechanism and special nuts to front & rear wheels, saddle & seat post, pedals and other parts, which is not easy to be stolen. And all kinds of bolts & nuts are anti-thief.

3. Anti-sabotage
We use very reliable quality and structured parts, including integrated PU saddle, rotional bell, F/R drum brake, hidden cables and so on, as well as high level painting for bike surface, to make sure the bikes are not easy to be damaged, during their sharing out.

4. Free maintenance
We have to apply most components of free maintenance in order to reduce the service work and keep the bike running for a long time. For example, we have used magnesium alloy integrated wheels, non-inflatable tires,F/R drum brakes and so on, which are maintenance-free.

5. Reliable and rustless components applied
Since the bikes are for public use outdoors, you have to apply the most reliable and rustless components. Otherwise, the bikes will be corroded and ugly within a short time.

6. Sharing hardware and App software service
If needed, we can supply full package for the sharing bikes and system. We can forward the locking system, as well as the App and back server software, if our customers need it. Now, we have locking system including:

- Standard Horse Shoe Type Smart Lock
- Electronic Drum Brake with IoT module

Here is the basic function for our software related to 6.1 Smart Lock solution, for your reference:

Recently, we have made even further improvement to our electric sharing system, and we can apply all the new technology at very reasonable cost for you. Also, if you have any customized demand, we try to meet your demand within our ability.

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