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With its unparalleled short-distance travel advantages, sharing electric bikes have suddenly become popular in countries around the world. But dockless sharing electric bikes have created confusion for both operators and the Government amenity officials. The lack of precise parking locations creates a lot of trouble for operators to replace batteries and centralize maintenance. In areas where sharing bicycles implement dockless bike rentals, you can see the chaos of lopsided parking everywhere. This will not only damage the bike itself, but also seriously affect the appearance of the city.

The disorderly haphazard parking of sharing bicycles.

In some areas, sharing electric bicycles are parked in traditional physical parking dock, perhaps with wired and wireless charging functions. It can indeed solve the problems of random parking of some dockless sharing electric bicycles. However, this type of dock has a large investment and covers a large area. Not only does it consume a lot of public resources, but at the same time, the cost of promotion and use is huge.

The current large invested parking dock.

The charging parking rack developed by our TXED solves the above problems. One of the highlights of our innovation is that we have integrated into our electric bikes with the important smart lock and electric charging technology. The rack is a simple and ordinary bicycle parking rack, but it is equipped with a rigid charging cable and plug, which is specially developed and manufactured by us.


Another innovative highlight of ours is the following logic of returning the bike through the App and built-in IoT:

The renter must put the bike on the parking rack, and insert the cable plug on the parking rack into the charging lock on the bike. The system can only settle down the rental after the system learns that the bike has been locked and charged. As a result, the charging of sharing electric bicycles is automatically completed by renters. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming job of battery replacement by maintenance personnel. In this way, it saves a lot of operating costs.

Appearance of the parking lot with the charging rack.

Sharing electric bikes are being charged at the parking lot.

Txed charging parking rack structure

Charging lock bike accessories including:
1. Charging cable lock
2. Charging cable & plug
3. Parking rack(or stand)
4. LED Power display
5. Smart bike lock (or IoT)

Charging Monitor/Display

A charging display is installed on the parking rack. The display consists of 10 LED lights. The current charging power can be read from the LEDs of the display. We set that when the internal capacity of the battery is charged below 80%, all the LEDs display red lights, which means that the car cannot be rented. In fact, although the renter scans the code, the App on the mobile phone informs the renter that the car cannot be rented temporarily. When the charged power exceeds 80%, all LED lights will naturally turn all green. This means that the bike is in the state of being rented. Renters can scan the code to rent this bike.

In charging state, the bike cannot be rented temporarily.

Fully charged, this bike can be rented.

Charging Cable & Plug

From the internal structure of the cable, it can be seen that the cable has multiple protections, especially the outer layer has a layer of steel wire protection to ensure that the cable has the function of preventing damage;

As can be seen from the above figure, the insertion structure of the charging plug has a strict waterproof function to ensure that charging can be carried out normally in the rainy season.

Because of the annular design of the plug, the plug has a blind plug function, which is very convenient for users;

Introduction of Bike Charging Lock

This is our key component, the charging plug is inserted into the lock, like a common cable lock, the charging head is naturally held tightly, the bike is locked, and charging starts at the same time.

Bike charging lock

User-friendly Operation

Under the green LED light on the parking rack, the renter scans the QR code on the bike to confirm the rental, and all the locks on the bike are unlocked. The renter can naturally unplug the cable from the bike and put it back in place. The bike can be moved out of the rack and the renter is immediately ready to ride it. When the renter returns this bike, the actual operation is also very simple. Put the bike to the parking rack, and insert the steel cable plug from the parking rack into the charging lock to return this bike.

Safe and Reliable

Since the steel cable for power transmission is used, the outer layer is wrapped with a very strong steel wire, which realizes the anti-damage property of the charging device.The plug is inserted into the charging lock, and the plug is locked in the charging lock very firmly, making charging very reliable and preventing it from being damaged. This charging system adopt waterproof design, waterproof performance reaches IP65 and above.


The external dimensions of the charging stand are: 410x300x620mm, see the figure below for details. Therefore, the structure of the parking rack is very simple, and the volume is small and compact. Without causing any waste of resources, the problems of electric vehicle parking and charging is solved.

Dimensions of the charging rack

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