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  • ELECTRONIC BIKE DOCK - Precise Positioning
  • ELECTRONIC BIKE DOCK - Precise Positioning

ELECTRONIC BIKE DOCK - Precise Positioning


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At present, in China and around the world, sharing bicycles, sharing electric bikes and sharing scooters are becoming more and more popular, as this new thing brings pleasant convenience to people who make short-distance travelling within the urban area, and at the same time, it helps to solve the problem of the traffic jam caused by cars, which should be a long puzzled the problems for almost all the cities in the world. These vehicles themselves also make people enjoy healthy and recreational sports at the same time. People don't have to invest expensive fund for a high-performance bicycle, electric bike or electric scooter, but they can enjoy the fun of this leisure sport with a very small amount of money. The “sharing economy” does bring people new life styles that save social resources.

But the present sharing vehicles have brought a lot of confusions to our cities. The disorderly parking of bicycles has indeed affected the appearance of a city, and it also has caused a lot of trouble for service people to carry out regular maintenance, increasing maintenance difficulty and cost.

Physical bike docks can indeed regulate the parking of vehicles, but they require a lot of capital investment and occupy the limited space and land resources of a city. Therefore, it is difficult to promote it in large numbers;

Using the electronic fence of GPS (Geofence) can solve the problem that a sharing vehicle is parked in one appointed area. However, because the accuracy of the positioning is limited, the fundamental problem of orderly parking of the vehicle cannot be resolved.

Here is the working principal for our newly developed electronic dock of precise positioning:

Our newly developed precision-positioned electronic dock completely solve the above problems. When a sharing vehicle only is parked in a very restrict small area, the user can complete the return and settlement of the rental fee smoothly. In this way, it effectively resolves long-disturbing problems in each city. It has opened up broad prospects for vehicle sharing.

This electronic dock is composed of the managing equipment and the induction coil. The managing equipment is small with water-proof IP68, anti-shock and anti-corrosion. The induction coil can be extended till 200m long, to manage 500 pieces of sharing bikes. This equipment can be powered by the public power grid, solar panel, windmill and other green energy.

Kiosk hidden the managing equipment, which powered by the power grid. This kiosk can be used as a new kind of Advertising media.

Small case loaded with managing equipment, fixed to a pole, powered by the solar.

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The following is a video showing the whole process about a sharing bike to be borrowed and returned, which let you feel the advantages of this new technology.

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