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Review by Customers

Our Client from the Netherlands:

Hello, everyone, this is Grunberg ebike. The frame is alloy and the quality is very high. The different with this one and another brand is that strong battery and display with high quality. We always have spare parts in stock. If you have some problem, we can solve very quickly. The most of fat bike have problem with spoke in our grunberg brand. We have avoid this problem when we assembly wheel set, because our assembly process is high quality. We are working for new model and design for female and men. We have our service and after-service, you can always welcome to test ride and we have lots of experience of this model.
Thank you very much!

Our Client from New Zealand:

We’re here in Christchurch New Zealand and I have Mr Li and Mr Li (Junior) and Sybil with me today. They come all the way from China and believe me we had this bike who had a problem from a little customer here in Christchurch so we took it to our place and we decided to see we could fix it and learn and behold Mr Li and his technician and mechanic, they would be to fix it within a two hour period so we’ve just delivering it back to this bike shop in Christchurch and they couldn't believe that it was fixed within two and half hour so I’d like to think Mr Li and Mr Li technician  to doing this on behalf of my business and we’re looking forward to continuing and buying back from them and importing them from China over the next period so thank you both for being here in New Zealand today and helping us to solve this problem very very good, thank you.



Our Client from Canada:

"I'm Hugo and welcome TXED can to visit me today in Canada which is a long way from Asia to Canada and I'm very happy about them.They made for us fat bike, lowest bike, hybird bikes in both fashion like smaller size and the bigger size of here and we're really happy with with the product actually it's really nice bike and really nice welding. we can choose the parts we want and we are really happy and satisfied with we received. it's not easy sometimes to make sure that we can have the right parts of the detail of the bike and each time we send an email we get straight answer I think this is possible and they go beyond and further our expectation so I'm really happy to receive TXED bike today and we happy with the product and service thank you."

Our Client from USA:

"I’m working with TXED three years and I'm very happy with the quality of the bicycles and even more happy with the quality of the service every time I email and I get a reply right away.Always very helpful always happy to make any changes that we want and so we've been very satisfied and that is why we keep ordering more and more bikes because it is just a great company to work with and great people."


Our Client from USA:

"Hi my name is Alex and I'm the owner of vonaxusa ebikes here in California in the United States of America. We've been working with TXED for four years now in developing and talking to the factory in especially Mr LI.  I've been talking and doing business with him for over five years now and I have just the best thing to tell  you guys about TXED Mr Li and his staff.So they came to America now to help me fixing the bikes doing an amazing customer service and I'm super happy to work with TXED and also I trust Mr Li and his team. so TXED is an amazing company and I'm very happy as a customer and also I can tell that we became friends because it's been almost five years now I'm super happy with TXED in products and the great quality amazing people and that's what we need,  Good business good people."